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Why Sprint and Scrum?

First a little personal background. I am a project manager, data scientist and future scrum master making a career pivot from residential architecture into a data driven role. If you’d like to learn why I’m switching into data, please see my previous post. While my overall goal of getting a job is a longer term one that realistically can take months, I am deciding to implement a Scrum sprint to quickly iterate through better versions of myself as a candidate while sending out applications. …

In this blog post I will review some terms and overall concepts for 3 areas in Data Science: Advanced Supervised Learning, Neural Nets, & an Intro into Unsupervised Learning topics. It’s mostly for my own review but hopefully someone out there will find it helpful as well.

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  • CART
  • Bootstrapping & Bagging
  • Random Forest
  • Gradient Descent
  • Boosting
  • SVMs
  • Intro to Neural Nets
  • Regularizing Neural Nets
  • RNNs
  • CNNs
  • GANs
  • K Means
  • DB Scan
  • PCA
  • Recommender Systems to come in a later post

Advanced Supervised Learning

Getting a little fancier than Linear Regression and KNN with these models. …


My current thoughts for my Capstone:

Idea #1: Self Driving Cars

I was looking at this medium article by Max Deutsch and it seems like the thought behind the computer vision of a self driving car is to take an image and be able to identify where the lane lines are and draw lines over them.

From there the idea is to use that info in order to teach the car how to steer.

My current thoughts are that we could use the height of the front facing camera (or cameras) and use features of perspective in order to measure…

A Jack-of-all-Trades and master of none is how I feel professionally.

I’ve always been interested in the science and math side of things and also the creative and aesthetic side. It’s what caused me to switch out of chemical engineering in undergrad to pursue architecture.

And it’s that same motivation driving my journey into data science.

One clear cross-over is the use of diagrams and graphically conveying information. In architecture it’s through diagrams and obviously the actual drawing set that tells the contractor what they’re building. Without being able to graphically communicate, you can’t get very far in the architecture…

David Holcomb

I am a data scientist, leveraging my experience in residential architecture to apply creativity to data informed solutions and graphically communicate results.

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